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Scroll through our pictures to see the "before and after" jobs!

If you need anything on your pool upgraded or repaired, we can help. We work with all major brands, including but not limited to: Hayward, Pentair Intellitouch, Jandy Aqualink, Waterway, BakerHydro, Compool, Polaris, and more.

Pump & Motor Repair & Replacement  
Variable speed pumps are a great start to decreasing your pool's electrical consumption. However, it's important to understand that the pool's plumbing is an equally key component involved in improving the overall efficiency of your pool equipment. People wanting more water flow in their pool, often think that's accomplished with more horsepower on larger pumps. Unfortunately, that isn't necessarily so. Friction and pressure impact your pumps ability to efficiently move more water. Much like the rush hour traffic in our Hampton Roads area, the more volume forced through our roadways, the more pressure increases and less efficiently we move. Equally, the larger and straighter the path water travels, the less effort it requires. By optimizing the plumbing routes and increasing plumbing size in pipes, valves and fittings, we increase volume by decreasing  friction and pressure. These upgrades help to keep the pumps from starving for water and minimize the added strain on a pump forcing water through too small of a pipe and a maze of redirects during the filtering process before returning to the pool.

​Also specializing in:

  • Filter Media Repair, Replacement, & Plumbing

  • Heater Repair & Replacements

  • Pool Decks

  • Chlorine to Salt System Conversation

  • Underwater Pool Lights

  • Complete Equipment Automation

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